Wind Farm Development

OW EVS coordinates all of the services associated with the implementation of an offshore wind farm. Everything is provided from a single source – from planning and operation, right through to deconstruction.

Approval and certification

Acting on behalf of our customers, we take care of the entire approval process and establish a constructive cooperation with all project stakeholders (including BSH, TenneT). OW EVS assumes responsibility for the central coordination and quality assurance of studies on such important subjects as environment, geology, wind etc. and with regard to approval procedures and planning processes. We join forces with our certification partner to ensure that the approval process is completed successfully within the planned period.


Technical development is based on a yield-optimised wind farm layout, which is refined step by step as the project progresses. The technical specification of the main technical subsystems in the wind farm (wind turbine, foundation, inner-arry cabling, offshore substation) takes place in two iteration stages (I. Design basis / II. Basic design) in accordance with the approval process.