Life Cycle Costing

Life-cycle costing focuses on a substantiated assessment of the total operating costs, i.e. the sum of acquisition costs (CAPEX) and the costs incurred during 25 years of operating an offshore wind farm (OPEX). Up to 80% of all subsequent building and operating costs can be influenced during the planning phase. This is where the cornerstone for high-quality and economically sustainable projects is laid. The aim is to generate an optimum cost-benefit ratio throughout the entire life cycle. Rigorous implementation of life-cycle costing enables OW EVS to exert significant influence on the development of costs at an early stage of the project. Experience has shown that the ability to influence cost development declines considerably during later phases of the project. Exerting influence at an early stage has a positive effect on overall cost development and therefore affects project yield. The development philosophy of OW EVS makes it easier to plan and control the total operating costs – a major advantage for our customers. OW EVS offers customers a transparent cost model and greater investment security as a result.

Life cycle of offshore wind farms