Harvesting energy where the wind blows steadily

Sustainability sells

The wind off the North Sea coast of Germany is the key to gaining independence from coal, gas and uranium. Its potential is both inexhaustible and constant. Combined with reliable, modern technology, offshore wind could become the mainstay of German energy production.

OW EVS can make a significant contribution toward achieving this with its offshore wind farm projects. Together with our partners from the offshore industry, we are making every effort to ensure the technically reliable, ecologically compatible and economically successful im-plementation of wind farm projects, such as the OWP Albatros, OWP West and Global Tech II offshore wind farms.

We belief in Offshore-Wind as the future of energy.

households supplied

A 400 MW offshore wind farm secures
the annual supply of electricity to
480,000 households*.
*Basis: 3-person household, 4,500 kWh/year